Colorbond fencing has become increasingly popular over the last decade and at Woy Woy Fencing we proudly use Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond, which is built to withstand the tough Australian climate.

Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond is not affected by warping, rot or termites, ensuring longevity and a low maintenance fencing option, backed up with a full 10 year installation warranty from Bluescope Steel.

With more than 20 Colours available in the Colorbond range taking inspiration from the Australian landscape, Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond will provide a product to enhance the appearance of your home and give you peace of mind for years to come.

Woy Woy Fencing can adapt your Colorbond fencing to match your landscaping requirements, with “raked” or “stepped” panel options available for sloping or un-level land, or for something different we can create unique fence designs with combinations of Colorbond and other materials.

Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond offer several different styles, with a choice to suit your home –

  • Lysaght Neetascreen Fencing
  • Lysaght Smartascreen
  • Lysaght Spanscreen
  • Lysaght Miniscreen

Woy Woy Fencing can also tailor your fences with a wide range of accessories and decorative elements available to enhance your fencing installation, including the addition of Colorbond Lattice or Colorbond Slat panels, Horizontal Aluminium Slats, or Timber elements. All our Colorbond fences have matching colour caps on each post, but we can also offer a decorative ball cap if desired.

These panels offer complete privacy to your home with no gaps in the panels. It has also been put through rigorous testing processes and found to be non-combustible, providing fire-resistance from neighbouring properties during bush fires or house fires. With no foot holds or gaps, Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond ensures a high level of deterrence from potential criminals entering your property. As a fencing option Bluescope Lysaght Colorbond is a durable, long lasting product, which can be flexible with any colour combinations to suit your needs.