Used in Australia since early settlement, Timber is truly iconic in Australian culture, providing reliable and sturdy fencing options for your property. With a wide range of timber fencing options available, together with our ability to create many styles of unique installations, timber works with any style of home and landscape, providing privacy, security and enhancement to your home.

We carefully source all of our Timber products to ensure only the highest quality finished fencing installation.We can work with you to customise all your timber gates so they match well and fit in with your landscaping flawlessly.

Different styles of Timber Fencing includes:

  • Treated Pine Paling is the most common style of Timber fencing. With advances in the industry, timber treatments now allows longevity and resistance to natural pests, making this an affordable and long-lasting alternative to your fencing needs.
  • Treated Pine “Lapped” Paling Fencing consists of a standard 3 rail Treated Pine Paling fence where a second layer of timber is nailed over the original palings. This covers any gaps that may occur over time with the natural shrinkage of this product and also provides complete privacy to your yard. “Lapped and Capped” Paling fencing is the same principle as “Lapped” fencing, with timber “capping” placed on top of the palings. Not only does this enhance your timber fence, but it also protects the timber by sealing the palings off from the elements.
  • Treated Pine Picket – all styles and designs
  • Treated Pine Lattice – we can customise your lattice with many different surrounds.
  • Hardwood fencing using Cypress palings
  • Ranch Post and Rail Fencing is made up of vertical support posts and horizontal rails, similar to that seen in rural fencing and available using several timber options and styles. Woy Woy Fencing can assess your requirements and build to your specifications.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Slat Fencing can be installed with many timber options available to suit your home.
  • Privacy Screens
  • Gates – all styles and designs